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Hello- I'm Kathryn Taylor (KT for short), born in Colorado, USA. I grew up moving around a lot which instilled a deep curiosity for the world that persists today. I currently live between Mexico City and Europe with my husband, seeking the wild and wonderful every step of the way. I am an artist, yogini, NGO mastermind and grant writer extraordinaire. I am a daughter, sister, friend, lover and wife. I am brave, creative, fiercely loyal and soft at heart. My natural state is barefoot and sun-kissed. 

I began my practice after ending a 13 year relationship that left me feeling lost. Yoga has become far more than asana, the physical practice. It brought me home, taught me my boundaries and value, and gave me back my courage, curiosity and joy. I transformed into a higher version of myself, and that is what I seek to share with my students. I take private clients in CDMX and host retreats internationally.


My art is an expression of my creative feminine and inspired by muses I meet on my journey. Each piece is created in moving meditation and is one of a kind, made for the individual who will wear it. Adornment is an art form in itself, let's collaborate.


Please email me at kt@kathryntaylor.es for inquiries.