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Hello- I'm Kathryn Taylor (KT), thank you for being here. My life has been a constant transition, which instilled a deep curiosity for the world and new ways to move in it that persists today. After years of exploration I have settled into a few spaces that feel they finally support in that continued evolution in the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual realms.


Yoga has become the key tool in my life over the last five years. I am constantly learning and searching to find new methods and tools with my clients while taking a critical eye to the dogmatic and often exclusionary approach some modern lineages lean towards. I believe yoga is for everyone, and of the hundreds of thousands of paths there is one perfectly fit to each individual. 

Grant writing has become an outlet to support social impact initiatives and documentarians making change this planet so desperately needs. My clients include internationally renowned photographers, artists and film makers and I have written written winning grants for National Geographic, The Photo Society and other notable organizations.

My art is an expression of my creative feminine and inspired by muses I meet on my journey. Each piece is created in moving meditation and is one of a kind, made for the individual who will wear it. Adornment is an art form in itself, let's collaborate.

I currently live between Mexico City and Europe with my husband, seeking the wild and wonderful every step.
Please email me at for inquiries.


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