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Welcome to Kathryn Taylor Studio.

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

I am Kathryn Taylor or KT for short, a firm believer in embracing a wellness journey that breaks conservative molds and addresses the emotional and cognitive bodies with equal attention as the physical. My approach is a blend of traditional wisdom, grounded in the realities of modern life and the communities I walk in. I encourage my students to experience life and all of its sensations, embrace their shadows, play in the spaces they shy away from and follow their instincts to create their own path.

Kathryn Taylor by Rubén Salgado Escudero
Kathryn Taylor by Rubén Salgado Escudero

In this space we'll explore my approach to self-care, redefining what it means to nurture both body and mind. I believe in honoring each unique path, using affirming language to cultivate an empowered life, and discovering the beauty in adapting practices that resonate with individuality and the ever-changing landscape of life.

It's essential to acknowledge the realities that shape our existence. I'll delve into a holistic approach that recognizes the challenges and demands of modern life, one built from my own personal experience navigating a love for wildness and all things counterculture that is an integral part of my Self. For years I felt blocked out of yoga spaces and wellness because I didn’t see how I could fit into any community I saw and felt my own lifestyle choices would be judged. Once I shed my first layer of insecurity and stepped into the learning process for myself I was able to begin developing the method I use to teach and share this practice today. No judgment, no rigidity – just a compassionate understanding of the complexities we all navigate.

This world we live in is saturated in negativity and cultural norms that create enormous pressure, making it imperative to find the unbridled joy of release. For me sometimes that release in in practice, tapping into the delicate waves of energy and electricity revealed in asana and meditation practices. Other times that release is on a dance floor, under the spell of a pulsing baseline and collective energy. There is sheer delight in letting go and there is no one size fits all format, as long as the person finding that release nurtures their soul and harms no other being in the process.

Finding balance comes from gently nurturing discipline, serenity, authenticity and love. I will strive to put into words how to cultivate discipline that's rooted in finding the true nature of Self, not conservative norms. And amidst the whirlwind of life, uncover the equal joy that resides in quiet moments. I believe for people like myself finding both is a necessity particularly as we mature and have to redefine the person created in our wild youth. There is an art to this - to aging gracefully among the madness, fiercely nurturing a spirit of child-like joy and curiosity, and crafting moments of care that nurture our vitality. All of this becoming a sanctuary of personal ecstasy and quiet ritual in the midst of all of this chaos that is our life.

Several years ago a chapter closed in my life. I set myself on a new path, with the goal of finding happiness, confidence, supportive community and the tools to support others on that same journey. Stepping into the depths of my shadows with open arms, I discovered that avoiding them was not only impossible but counterproductive. In their very core, I found my Self—a realization that shapes the essence of who I am today. So, welcome friends. As I move forward here, may we embrace the light and the shadows, recognizing that our true Self lies at the heart of it all.

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